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  • Belt Grinder Machine

    Machine designed for some particular stages of jewellery workmanship suitable for grinding pieces

    that require light flat filing.

    The machine comes with a basin for the total recovery of metal powders.

    Features :

    Width: 370 mm.

    Length: 430 mm.

    Height : 370 mm.

    Weight: 40 kg.


  • Grinder with cooling machine

    The belt grinder is an industrial machine to be used for precision grinding of metal products, equipped with a water cooling system. The upper part of the machine is recessed in a tank for collecting the lubricating fluid which is returned to the tank where the pump is located. The fluid flow can be adjusted in terms of quantity and orientation by means of a special nozzle.

    • Depth: 580 mm
    • Width: 685 mm
    • Height: 1250 mm
    • Weight: 130 Kg
    • Grinding belt size: ø esterno 250 mm – larghezza 80 mm

    Brochure pdf