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  • Magnetic tumbler Machine

    The magnetic bench vibrator is a machinebuilt to perform circular vibration of metalobjects by magnetic transport. Metal objectsmust be in a special plastic containment ac-cessory (tray). The machine consists of asupport structure made of electro-weldedand painted box-like metal structure.Inside the structure there are the mecha-nical and magnetic organs that generatepower and transmit it to the metal objectscontained in the upper tank. The proces-sing area is completely protected with fixedguards.The parts that make up the machine are:the box-like structure of the machine that en-closes the electrical equipment and the me-chanics, the upper support, the plastic trayfor metal objects to be vibrated, the controlpanel, non-slip and anti-vibration feet


    Length. 560 mm.

    Width: 550 mm.

    Height : 380 mm.

    Weight: 95 Kg.

    Accessory tank: Ø 280 – Ø 380 m

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