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Engraving machine

The machine has been designed to impress customized patterns onto the surface (knurling) of metal wires or pipes. The knurling mechanism is composed of a rotating spindle on whose jaws the supports of the knurls are mounted. The wire or tube to be machined slides inside the spindle and is moved by the pulling unit (reel or other element). Depending on the type of pattern to be engraved, two spindle models can be used: with 3 or 4 jaws. In the 4-jaw spindle two to four knurls can be mounted and therefore it is possible to obtain a helix of 2 or 4 ridges, suitable for working with thin wires and tubes. The 3-jaw spindle is suitable for working on pipes and wires with sections wider than 3 mm. Depending on the section of the tube or wire to be machined, guide nozzles with holes of the same diameter must be used to allow correct positioning with respect to the tools. The machine is made of fire-painted box-shaped metal carpentry, inside which all the mechanical parts are installed. The electrical equipment is built into the machine body, while the controls are positioned outside in a position of easy and safe access.

  • Length: 650 mm
  • Width: 900 mm
  • Weight: 150 Kg
  • Minimum machinable wire diameter with 2 knurls:  0.8 mm
  • Machinable tube diameter with 3-4 knurls: Min. 3 mm – Max 12 mm


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